JYJ OMG *crying a river*

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<3 Love you~

I love you more Mr Anon!!

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i have to hide the fact that i smoke drink and do hard drugs from my friends at school, they would judge me so hard haha! luckily i have a group of friends outside that shit hole, just read your about thing. no one suspects me though, especially on here with my fluffy kpop blog ;) i dont hate you

well… drugs are not good, you know… It’s not like smoking is any better but…

Yeah, sometimes we need to hide who we really are because we need to fit… When people meet me for the first time they think i’m a dumb, lovely and innocent girl… but i’m not like that, its just that I want them to think that way… because that way is better… I love to trick people… Boys love dumb girls, and boys can help a lot. lol

I’m sure you’re a teenager, and that’s why you say that school is a shit hole… when you get older, you’re going to change the way you think about school, friends… and drugs. Believe me.

Anon, come here and let me love you!! You’re exactly like me!!


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hi there! i just wanted to say thank you for making the emoji page (/caritascute). i have it saved to my bookmarks and i probably use it more than twice every day! xx

no, no. Thank you for using my page!!

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I am now talking with non-JYJ fans, non Cassies. I’m talking with people from other fandoms, as part of the kpop fandom, people with whom we share the same love for our idols.
You may not know the history of JYJ (Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun) and how they worked REALLY HARD throughout their lifes for the sake of following their dreams and sing for their fans.
I’m not here trying to impress you with stories of their poor past, or talk about the times they went really starving in childhood and adolescence and how they managed to survive by working as hard as possible.
All I need to say about their story is that we are very proud of the people they have become, they take care of us as we take care of them, loving us, protecting us and giving us the strength to move forward and have the courage to face any sadness, any obstacle and always keeping the faith, inspiring us to be free and strong to believe in our dreams. NO MATTER WHAT.
Because they are sweet and gentle people, hard working and very talented, we know they deserve all the respect.

I imagine that some new kpop fans are wondering why it is so important to already renowned artists in the entertainment industry that they want to participate in this ceremony (opening / closing Incheon Asian Games). 
I mean, I imagine what some of you are thinking: “this is not just a ceremony like any other?”

Well, this is very important (c’mon it is the INCHEON ASIAN GAMES, of course it is very important not only for Korean people but also for athletes from all over Asia)  but the fact that they (JYJ) may or may not participate in the main event is of vital importance to us. Not only because it is FAIR that they appear in the main ceremony (after all, they are the ambassadors of the event, besides, they worked hard for almost a year and a half to promote the event itself).

It’s humbling that AMBASSADORS event can not attend the main ceremony! It is a heinous disrespect, use the hard work of JYJ and the good faith of the fans (selling tickets at $ 900 dollars PRETENDING that JYJ would participate in the main event, this is a crime, abuse the good faith of those who have paid for see JYJ and may end up not seeing them)!!!

Here comes the vital importance part of what I want to talk to you. For those who do not know, since JYJ sued SM they are being persecuted and boycotted, banned (ILLEGALLY) to participate in ANY variety of programs, television interviews, participation in radio programs. People who worked and helped JYJ somehow are also openly threatened and boycotted simply because they had supported JYJ.


The SM was placed under investigation by the Blue House itself (so we are told).
To protect not only JYJ this heinous crime, but to prevent things like this happening with other artists in the future, we kindly ask the international community KPOP fans to help us in this battle. This battle against injustice and the mafia entertainment.

For five long years JYJ and their fans are struggling the way they can against the boycott, the tabloids, the blockdoor, blackmail and all injustice just to have something called FREEDOM.

If you can not imagine your darling idol in an inhumane situation like this, or if you just sympathize with those who struggle for justice and freedom, join us. You are welcome and your help will not be forgotten.

PETITION: Call to action! Open investigation into the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee’s unilateral exclusion of JYJ from Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony

Please sign this petition in support of JYJ.

Additional information: The creators will be sending a formal letter along with the petition (and the signatures gathered) to the Olympic Council of Asia and the IAGOC.

Even trending #RespectJYJ is a great help. Also, it would be NICE if you guys evaluate of the IAG’s facebook page with ONLY 1 star (This is part of our campaign to make the South Korean authorities pay attention to our protests). We’re also protesting with #RespectJYJ in IAG’s facebook page and twitter.

Sorry for the long post and THANK YOU SOO MUCH. Even if you only reblog this post you are helping us to spread the word, so thank you in advance.

Always keep the faith. Hope to the end.

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your theme is so cute!!

Thank you!! *O*

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