No estoy muerta, solo no tengo internet desde hace un mes…

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Do you ever just ship two people so hard it literally hurts to think of them with someone else?

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I’ve read K-fans tweeting about OT5 giving junsu a fan that have ‘tvxq’ on it. originally i wouldn’t care because of the simple fact that i didn’t think that js would actually see it. for  god sake he is in the middle of performing. however seeing how he reacted to it. I’m actually a bit displeased we know how sweetheart js is, he would never be rude to his fans..i feel really sorry for him being so happy of what jyj is achieving at the moment and then this…

THE MORAL OF THIS: dear children don’t bring irrelevant things to JYJ concert. be tvxq fan be whatever fan but this is a jyj concert .. just respect this pretty much simple fact.

aiprogramdelta said:

who the cutie in ur sidebar????

Jae Joong, a member of the Korean pop group JYJ!!


He’s the most beautiful human being on earth!!

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Anonymous said:

<3 Love you~

I love you more Mr Anon!!

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Anonymous said:

i have to hide the fact that i smoke drink and do hard drugs from my friends at school, they would judge me so hard haha! luckily i have a group of friends outside that shit hole, just read your about thing. no one suspects me though, especially on here with my fluffy kpop blog ;) i dont hate you

well… drugs are not good, you know… It’s not like smoking is any better but…

Yeah, sometimes we need to hide who we really are because we need to fit… When people meet me for the first time they think i’m a dumb, lovely and innocent girl… but i’m not like that, its just that I want them to think that way… because that way is better… I love to trick people… Boys love dumb girls, and boys can help a lot. lol

I’m sure you’re a teenager, and that’s why you say that school is a shit hole… when you get older, you’re going to change the way you think about school, friends… and drugs. Believe me.

Anon, come here and let me love you!! You’re exactly like me!!


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